The Odyssey play is a one-hour performance piece based on Dr. Stickel's poem (see below for first page). Whereas Homer's original ODYSSEY was written in 12,000 lines of poetry (in the Dactylic Hexameter style), Dr. Stickel's version is much shorter at about 500 lines of poetry written in simple rhyming couplets. The play is performed by ten professional actors who are wearing authentic costumes. Please click the "Media Reviews" button to see the enthusiastic reviews of their performances. Audiences have found the play to be a highly enjoyable introduction to Homer's classic epic.

The play's text was developed from a shortened version of the 35 page-long poem by Dr. Stickel. It was shortened to make the play of a length more amenable to elementary and high school time periods. Children of all ages have have embraced the play for both its entertainment and educational value.
The Odyssey Play
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