The renowned novelist Phoebe Conn, who has been on the New York Times best seller list as she has sold 17 million books, has co-authored a book with Dr. Stickel entitled Helen, the Wine Dark Sea.  The book is about Helen of Troy and it is from her perspective.  According to Homer, the love affair between Helen, the Queen of Sparta, and Prince Paris of Troy sparked the greatest and most famous war of ancient times:  The Trojan War.  Helen, whom Homer called the most beautiful woman in the world and whom the 17th Century writer Christopher Marlowe called "the face that launched a thousand ships," has also been referred to as an adultress and whore from antiquity until now.  Today, readers can see the perspective of Helen in Helen, the Wine Dark Sea and judge for themselves what her place in history should be.  The book, published in 2016, is available online through Amazon books (kindle).